Smile Rewards VS Discounts

How to save the most money on our website Maejestic Tribal Designs!

Welcome to our Maejestic Tribal Designs! We hope you will find everything you need and more! At Maejestic Tribal Designs, we are dedicated to save our customers as much money as possible while still holding onto our level of quality for all our transfers, accessories and customized orders.

Officially we at Maejestic Tribal Designs are excited to offer our customers two different types of way to save money!  Discounts of our store, and our own Smile Rewards loyalty program.

What do we mean by random discounts?

From time to time, Maejestic Tribal Designs will offer discounts and sales on select products throughout our store. These promotions are activated by us, and the discount is automatically applied at checkout. For example, we might offer 20% off all our products for a limited time. These discounts are usually off of new products or for an upcoming holiday, but could be at any time.

What is the Smile Rewards program?

Our Smile Rewards program is our own loyalty program, which rewards our valued customers for their activities on our store. When you join our Smile Rewards program, you can earn points for different activities such as making a purchase, writing a product review, or referring friends to our store. These points can be redeemed for discounts, free products, or other special offers. To join our Smile Rewards program, simply create an account on our website and start shopping!

So, what's the difference between the two?

Our random discounts are general promotions that everyone can take advantage of, whether you're a new customer or a returning one. On the other hand, the Smile Rewards program is specifically designed to reward our loyal customers for their support and engagement with us.

Any downsides?   

Due to Smile Rewards being a third party that Maejestic Tribal Designs works with, when you use your Smile Rewards Points for a reward, Smile Rewards automatically generates a coupon code that is unique to each customer for every reward. Due to this being a randomly generated code, our website will not allow us to combined the code with any other offers. This includes multiple Smile Rewards. Maejestic Tribal Designs website however is built to provide the best opportunity for saving money! This means that upon check out, if the customer has a Smile Rewards Code and their is a sale that is ongoing from The Maejestic Tribal Design Team, our website will automatically pick the better or the two deals.

For example, if a customer wanted to purchase one of our UV Cup Wraps, which usually cost $3.00, but a sale was going on that stated all UV Cup Wraps are $0.50 off, that customer would pay at checkout $2.50 (not including taxes and shipping). However, if that same customer also had a Smile Rewards discount code for $1.00 off the total, our website would only allow the $1.00 off because it is more of a savings to the said customer.

In another example, if we took the same situation and a customer wanted to buy three of our UV Cup Wraps at $0.50 off each, the customer would be saving $1.50 across the three items. Because of this the $1.00 of the total Smile Rewards discount code becomes inactive because you would be saving more with the current sale that Maejestic Tribal Designs is running directly.

The Good News!

 As of now, Smile Rewards never expire! If a customer changes their Smile Reward points for a coupon code, not realizing that a sale if already running for those items, the Smile Reward will stock pile. The customer is in total control of when they want to use which discount.

 Thanks again!

At Maejestic Tribal Designs, we are a small business run by an even smaller family. We understand the quality of product you are looking for and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We are driven to continuously bring you new ideas for was to express your own style and customize memories for a life time. We also understand that none of this is possible without you! The Maejestic Tribal Design Team greatly appreciates each of its customers and cannot thank them enough for shopping small business!


Cody Castiglia


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