Pressing/Applying Instructions

Single Color Transfers:

TEMP: 350
TIME: 8-12 Seconds
PRESSURE: Heavy   

Full Color DTF Prints

TEMP: 350
TIME: 15-20 Seconds
Press with butcher paper for extra 5 seconds after peeling clear film off to ensure full adhesive.

Sublimination Transfers 

**Items must be at least 50% Polyester or more**

-Recommend using heat tape with sublimation prints to items to avoid any ink smears.
TIME: 4O-45 Seconds

-This is what we recommend, this may differ slightly based on your heat press-

UV Cup Wrap Instructions

**Recommend 16-20 oz cups for our wraps**

*Squeegee and Cup Cradle are highly Recommended!

  1. Trim excess from all sides of the wrap as needed to prevent any overlay when wrapping the cup.
  2. Run your squeegee/ fingers over the wrap before peeling from carrier sheet.
  3. Stick onto the cup starting on one end and making sure the wrap is straight. Once the wrap touches the glass it CANNOT be removed.
  4. Rub decal on the cup to ensure it is fully adhered to glass, and to avoid any air bubbles.
  5. Peel off clear film starting at one end working to the other. If part of the decal comes up, lay the film back down and rub well before peeling again.
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